Car Polishing Machine
Car Polishing Machine

Car Polishing Machine

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  1. 45 Minutes of Long Battery Life. Long battery life allows users to wax their cars at one go, even if They have a big car 3800r/min, Strong Power
  2. A powerful motor with stable performance offers efficient waxing and smooth polishing.
  3. Eccentric Rotating Shaft Offers Uniform Effect. Eccentric rotation avoids polishing one area too much and unsmooth effect.

Three Types of Polishing Pads

1. Waffle Foam Polishing Pad-Waxing: used to seal the glaze.
2. Flat Foam Pad-Waxing: used for waxing.
3. Polishing Wool Pad-Polishing: After waxing evenly with sponge pads, dry the car wax

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