Black Shark Gaming CPU Cooler Fan
Black Shark Gaming CPU Cooler Fan
Black Shark Gaming CPU Cooler Fan
Black Shark Gaming CPU Cooler Fan
Black Shark Gaming CPU Cooler Fan

Black Shark Gaming CPU Cooler Fan

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While playing games or making live streaming, you don't need to worry about the battery being consumed too quickly due to overheating! Our mobile phone cooler fan uses a semiconductor cooling element, which can reduce the CPU temperature in seconds. The built-in high-speed gear with and semiconductor heat dissipation method can quickly cool down the smartphone, reduce CPU consumption, solve the situation of cell phone crash or automatic shutdown due to excessive power, and can also extend battery life.


This Mobile Phone Cooler Fan can satisfy the cooling fantasies of all players. It adopts a USB power supply mode without a built-in battery. Because the water-cooled radiator has no battery, the weight of the cooler is greatly reduced. The heat sink is powerful and equipped with a USB data cable. When you plug in the power, turn on the switch of the cooler and it will immediately cool down. As long as there is electricity, it can be used continuously for hours without any problems. Has a non-slip pad and is firmly fixed on the smartphone without damage. 


The built-in RGB light is composed of many kinds of LED lights, which is very cool. Lightweight and compact size is easy to carry. The silent design suppresses noise generation, does not disturb the gamer so there is no need to worry about affecting the sound of the drama and the game. It will not hinder during the voice chat. You don’t have to worry about the inconvenience to those around you. You can enjoy the game and watch.

Key Features:

  • Very lightweight and convenient cooling fan
  • Firmly attached to prevent the mobile phone from falling
  • Clean the surface in time to prevent excessive condensate 
  • Can quickly cool down the phone temperature 
  • Powerful but no annoying noise
  • The heat is taken out from multiple cooling vents


  • Type: Phone Cooler 
  • Function: CPU cooling in seconds
  • For: Gamers, Heavy users
  • Battery: No Battery 
  • Cable: Type C Cable 

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