Car Air Vent Mount Phone Holder
Car Air Vent Mount Phone Holder
Car Air Vent Mount Phone Holder
Car Air Vent Mount Phone Holder
Car Air Vent Mount Phone Holder

Car Air Vent Mount Phone Holder

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Having your phone nearby is important, whether you're using it for directions or to run your playlist. As a responsible person you don't want to be on your phone while you drive, but sometimes you need your phone, so it's very necessary to have a holder phone mount in your car. This is when our Car Air Vent Mount Phone Holder helps you! You can easily and quickly place and take your phone with one hand while driving. It will lock your phone automatically when you just put your phone on it from the top. 


With a cell phone mount in your car, you can have the accessibility you need while staying hands-free for safety. The four arms will clamp your phone tightly and would not make any noise when sudden braking or driving on a rough road. The anti-slip clip with rubber padlocks the air vent firmly. The rechargeable design guarantees battery life. Fully 360-degree rotation to make you adjust the different view angles. No matter where it is installed, you can adjust to the best viewing by yourself. 


What is more? For the removal, just lift the phone up. Because of the gravity sensing, it will automatically retract when there is no pressure. The Car Air Vent Mount Phone Holder ensures safe driving whether you are calling, navigating or charging. Our car phone holder can be used for all (4.7-6.5 inches) brand phones, and support any phone case. This mobile phone holder is best compatible with horizontal vents, and not with vertical or circular vents

Key Features:

  • Sable when placed, easy and quick to pick up gravity lock
  • Four arms wrapped, zero noise
  • Every detail is to ensure the stability
  • Can be installed on the air vent to meet your different needs
  • The auto-locking mobile phone frame for one-step operation
  • This holder will not block air circulation
  • You can relax the field of view and adjust it up and down or left and right


  • Features: Gravity Expansion
  • Compatible Brand: Universal
  • Type: Car Holder
  • Colour: Black, Silver, Red
  • Feature: 360 Degree Voiture
  • Phone size: 4.7 - 6.5 Inches 

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